“Come Back, All is Forgiven” is Custard’s sixth album, released in November 2015 after a 16-year break. The album features the lineup of David McCormack, Glenn Thompson, Paul Medew, and Matthew Strong. The songs were recorded at Horses Of Australia Studio over a weekend in February 2015, with additional overdubs added by David at Sonar Studio and Glenn at Horses Of Australia Studio. Glenn took a couple of months to mix the album.

The single “We Are The Parents (Our Parents Warned Us About)” was released to radio in September 2015.

The recording process for the album was relatively fast-paced, as David noted that it seems like they have become quicker at recording as they grew older.

Their latest release, “Respect All Lifeforms,” was primarily recorded in a single morning at Poons Head Studio in Fremantle. Interestingly, the band members hadn’t heard each other’s songs prior to recording and simply jammed them out together.


Recorded at Horses Of Australia Studio, Marrickville,
and Sonar Studio, Moore Park, NSW
All songs by David McCormack except Warren Rd and
Contemporary Art by Glenn Thompson
Recorded by Glenn and David, mixed by Glenn at
Horses Of Australia studio
Mastered by Nick Franklin at Rolodex, 301 Castlereigh
St, Sydney
Paul Medew – bass guitar
Matthew Strong – lead guitar
David McCormack – electric guitar
Glenn Thompson – drums
David and Glenn swap instruments for Glenn’s songs
All keyboards, vibes, extra guitar, percussion, hand-
claps, and backing vocals by David, Matthew and Glenn
Thanks to Matthew Steffen and the Campbelltown Arts
Centre for their residency program
All photographs by Peter Fischmann, Brisbane
Artwork and design by Glenn Thompson
Contact [email protected]
Life would be impossible without the love and support
of our wives/partners and kids.

(P) & (C) 2015 Custard. Exclusively licensed 2015 to Australian
Broadcasting Corporation. Marketed and distributed by
Universal Music Australia Pty Limited under exclusive licence.
All rights of the owner of copyright in this sound recording
reserved. Any copying, renting, lending, diffusion, public
performance or broadcast of this record without the authority of
the copyright owner is prohibited. Made in Australia.


  1. Orchids In Water
  2. We Are The Parents (Our Parents Warned Us About)
  3. Warren Rd
  4. Record Machine
  5. If You Would Like To
  6. 1990’s
  7. Contemporary Arts
  8. Queensland University
  9. Rise & Beans
  10. Factual
  11. Get In Your Car